Nikki Legere, PTA LMT

6435 S Main St.
North Kingsville, OH 44068

I assist clients with chronic and unexplained pain take back their lives.  I use a non-traditional therapy approach, specializing in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release.  I have over 13 years experience as a Physical Therapist Assistant, working with multiple diagnoses in pediatrics, adolescence, adults, and geriatrics, with my focus on chronic low back pain, Sacraliliac Dysfunction, Sciatica pain, and pre- and post- surgical clients.

As a PTA, I began to notice that many people were getting better, however, the results never seemed to last.  Those people just kept coming back with the same pain, regardless of therapy, medications, or surgeries. I knew there was a missing link and found it during my first seminar with John F. Barnes in 2020.  It was then that my career path changed directions.

I became a licensed Massage Therapist in 2021 and opened my own clinic in 2022, with the sole focus on the missing link, myofascial release.  I now work with clients from all walks of life where traditional therapy, medication, or surgery didn't produce the expected results.  I assess clients as a whole, treat the cause to eliminate the symptoms, and make permanent structural changes to finally allow you to take your life back.

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